Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Cardinal

When you catch a glimpse of unexpected color in nature, do you stop to appreciate it?

There's a line in "The Color Purple" implying that God isn't happy with us when we see the color purple in a field and don't stop to notice it. 

How about the daffodils that poke their heads up before spring arrives? 

Red clover on a hill?  

A hummingbird's throat?
A baboon's behind?

Of course sunsets and rainbows.

And cardinals in the                                                                                           snow...

This little bird and his wife teased me during our last snow day.  Right outside my window they'd flit and fly.  They'd find a perch, then off they'd go.  Finally, just once, he sat still long enough for me to snap his picture!

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