Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vacation Hat

Isn't she lovely!

When I see this picture, I hear Stevie Wonder's voice singing "Isn't She Lovely!"  from 1976!  Need a reminder?  Click and listen... it will take you back a few decades...

I loved working on this piece.  It just seemed to fall into place.  The hardest part was the skin... I'd never had to paint so much of it!  The key was to keep it from looking flat.  (I laughed that I'd never spend so much time studying an armpit!)  I had the same situation with the beach behind her.  Although it was flat, I needed it to have dimension.
I also played with manipulating parts of the piece - like fixing her necklace that was twisted.  Also, the scene behind her is actually what was in front of her.  That worked out fine until... I realized that the scene reflected in her sunglasses was the beach... the scene that was now behind her... confusing?  Yeah... So...  I just fuzzed out the reflection and called it done!

And, isn't she lovely?  No, wonder... her mother is my "Wedding Hat" lady!
And just for fun... she's also the mother of my "Li'l Punkin'" guy!

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  1. Helen this piece is wonderful! Love the look, the style. I want to go on vacation now!