Monday, January 7, 2013

Bluebird on a Twig

How does one become a bird watcher?

I'd like to watch my birds, but they are the most aggravating things!  They will not be still!
Don't misunderstand; I love my birds.  I love their tweets and chirps and caws and whistles.  I love their flashes of color in the trees.
But, I would love them even more if they'd just be still and let me take their picture every once in a while.  
I have a hummingbird feeder - well, those guys don't even count, they never be still for anyone.  I also hung three bird feeders in the trees around my back deck.  The seeds disappear, so I know they're coming around.  I even see them sitting there having a snack - but just for a second.  If I pick up my camera, they're off within seconds.  And, if heaven forbid, I open the door to come out...!  You'd think I'm mean to them or something!  
Anyway, here are a few of my flighty little neighbors.



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