Monday, May 27, 2013

The Square

Can you hear it?

Our farmers' market is so much more than a place to buy fresh vegetables and flowers...  It's an event!  We go on Saturday mornings whether we need anything or not.  It's not what's there; it's more what's not there! ... buy some fresh fruit, vegetables, or flowers... adopt a dog from the animal shelter... catch up with friends you run in to... look at the art...

I love to listen.  There are musicians - good ones and... not-so-good ones -  every few yards. They're strumming, singing, blowing, or tapping, dollar-filled cases open at their feet.    There's friendly bargaining, "How much are these?" And the seller always answers in a friendly way even though the price is marked if the buyer would have just looked at the sign.  Depending on the time of year, there are politicians who would love to have your vote.  And, rain or shine, there's the guy who proclaims that marijuana has benefits and should be legalized.  Most importantly, there is always lots of laughter - people who are at The Square are just happy.

There's so much to see, taste, and smell at a farmers' market.  But the next time you go, make it a point to listen. 


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  1. Your posts are as lovely and colorful as your art. Lovely!