Monday, July 1, 2013

Raggedy Ann

What makes certain toys life-long friends?

Some toys just last and last.  They last through lots of pretend, through years, and through memories.  Raggedy Ann is one of those, isn't she.  I think nearly every little girl has a rag doll of some kind.  I loved mine.  My mom made my Raggedy Ann and Andy at a time when fake fur was all the rage, so my Raggedies didn't have the usual yarn red hair... oh no... they had flame orange fake fur hair.  I didn't think they were the least bit odd at the time, but looking back, I bet they were a sight!

I made this particular little one 26 years ago while I was expecting my daughter.  She's been a good friend for a long time.  Now she sits in a place of honor on a shelf (with her friend Raggedy Andy and the Christmas Elf-on-the-Shelf, Leona) in my art space.  I noticed her the other day and decided she deserved to be the star of her very own still life.

You can see her here in the bassinet guarding my Amanda when we brought her home from the hospital.  (That's her friend Andy beside her.)

And here we impersonating her.  This was taken in my classroom with Amanda who was in kindergarten.  My little Andrew (hiding behind us) had a little Raggedy Andy costume to match us too!  (Now, at 22, he's horrified that I ever dressed him that way, but he was adorable.)

I listed this painting on Etsy but I have to be honest... I'll be a little sad when this little painting does get purchased.  I'll enjoy her in the meantime. :)