Monday, October 7, 2013

Red Barn & Wheelbarrow in Winter

Which "character" makes your mind wander/wonder?

If you've read a few of my posts, you know that I only love a painting if it tells a story.  This one shows a setting that's just waiting for the characters to show up with their problem to solve.... There are so many possibilities fighting to jump to the front and be the story... What about the picture makes you wonder? makes your mind wander?

  • Is there something hidden inside the knothole in the tree?
  • Did someone go ice skating?
  • Why is the fence broken down?
  • Where are the cows and goats and horses?
  • Who does that striped hat belong to?
  • How cold is it?
  • Is it morning or evening?
Because it's a painting and not really a story, I make the objects my "characters."  You'd think that since I named the painting "Red Barn & Wheelbarrow in Winter" that I loved those two "characters" most.  But, I'm kind of a "minor character" kind of gal.  I love the cold sky and the shadows on the snow.  I love the broken fence, the icicles hanging off the roof, and the weather vane on the top of that roof. But, the "character" that makes my mind wonder and wander is that craggy old tree.  I love that tree.  I love gnarly old dead trees. There's one between Sonic (where I go much too often) and my house, and I never pass by without noticing it.  It's on the edge of a golf course and will probably be removed one day.  Every time I look at that tree I wonder if there's an old coon living in some hole in it.  My mind wanders every time to Billy, Old Dan, and Little Ann from Where the Red Fern Grows. (Best book ever!) 
Just so you know... I'm the artist, so I know... and yes, there absolutely is a grouchy old coon (or maybe a possum) living inside the hole in that tree, so the kid who left his skates and hat in the wheelbarrow better keep his hand out of there.

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