Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fork in the Path

When there's a fork in the road, which one do you take?

Maybe Robert Frost's poem comes to your mind:
     "Two roads diverged in yellow wood..."
That's kind of perfect for this painting.

But, I keep thinking of another poem by Sam Walter Foss.
     "One day, through the primeval wood.
     A calf walked home, as good calves should;
     But made a trail all bent askew,
      A crooked trail, as all calves do.
It goes on to say that other animals then humans and finally a busy road followed that calf's crooked path instead of making their own straight paths.  I actually read part of that poem in my high school graduation speech way back in 1982.
If you follow this driveway and turn at the first fork, you'll end up at my house.  As soon as those autumn leaves fall, you'll be able to see it.  If you don't take that fork, you'll go around the pond and end up at our neighbor's house.  Watch out for our deer!

Original Oil Painting on 12"16" Wrapped Canvas

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  1. Hi Helen! Lovely poem and painting. We have white-tailed deer around here that love to eat our garden, even the eggplants which they save until the very last. ;)