Saturday, March 28, 2015

:) Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

This is me... inviting you to Northwest Arkansas... (again)

Spend a day at  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

"Basket of Peaches" 
Joseph Decker 
This is my favorite, favorite, favorite... I just imagine... not long after the Civil War he painted this.  I love it... so simple... so elegant

Like I said in the last post, we spent our spring break enjoying what our own area had to offer.  So, let me give you a personal "tour" or our wonderful art museum.

"Kindred Spirits"
Asher Brown Durand

They say this is the most expensive piece in the whole museum.  Alice Walton purchased it for $35,000,000.00... Wow.

Well, it is quite beautiful.

"Rosie the Riveter"
Norman Rockwell

I pretty much love everything he paints... He paints stories. (Interesting fact: He used only red, white, and blue in this particular one.)

"The Backwoods of America"
Jasper Francis Cropsey

Ron's favorite.

Mary Cassatt

I love the subject matter of her work, mothers and children doing typical things.

Andrew Wyeth

Fabulous perspective... just the whole idea of feathers blowing toward the viewer... Love this one!

Tom Uttech

How about that for a name! There are literally hundreds to birds and insects and animals in this huge painting, and there's one little owl near the bottom left corner looking straight at you.  You must look for him!

You have to eat lunch at ELEVEN, the restaurant there. It's inside that odd shaped section. (Well, honestly, every structure is oddly shaped, but that's just another part of the experience.)

"Atala and Choctus"
Randolph Rogers

This marble sculpture is absolutely memorizing in detail... just... amazing.

"Standing Explosion (Red)"
Roy Lichtenstein

This modern sculpture is... red and pointy...
(...Hey, trying to think of postive adjectives here...)

"Man on a Bench"
Duane Hanson

Ok, if there's such a thing as "too realistic," this is the example.  It's so hard not to reach across the rope and tap it on the shoulder to see if he's alright.

"Night Zag Wall"
Louise Nevelson

The art teacher at my school is doing this with my fourth graders.  They're each bringing in a box lid and some small old toys that they'll glue on.  Then they'll spray paint them and put them together to look something like this one.
I think it's kind of cool.

And a few pieces from a visiting show

"The Old Mill"
Vincent van Gogh


Jackson Pollock

Ok... interesting... colorful...

"Green Patio Door"
Georgia O'Keefe

Really, Georgia?  All those gorgeous flowers you can do, and this is what you bring?

"100 Cans"
Andy Warhol

So, they say art is in the eye of the beholder... so go ahead... behold!

We love our Crystal Bridges.

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