Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strawberries in a Bowl

There's nothing quite like a just-picked strawberry still warm from the sun, never been washed, never been in the refrigerator... Mmmmm.....

A few Saturdays ago, we went to a local strawberry farm and had the best time!  First of all, the whole place was simply beautiful and happy, and it brought so so many long-forgotten memories to mind. There were beehives, roosters, chickens, a tractor, a friendly farmer, and rows and rows of ripe strawberries... I loved it!  I know I'll be doing quite a few paintings of strawberries this summer, so I'll share some of the fond strawberry memories that were brought back with next paintings.

I'll start with a funny (actually pitiful) conversation with my city-boy husband as we were driving across town to get there.

HIM: We forgot to bring gloves or wear long sleeves?
ME: Huh?
HIM: I thought we were supposed to wear gloves or long sleeves to pick berries.
ME: What? We're going to pick strawberries.
HIM: Do they not have thorns?
ME: Seriously? Have you never picked strawberries? Ever?
HIM: They don't have thorns?
ME: Noooo.
HIM: Do they grow on trees?
ME: Oooooohhhh... bless your heart... No, dear, they don't have thorns or grow on trees.

So we picked and picked and picked; he was a good strawberry pickin' partner.  We ended up with way more than we needed, but it was just so hard to stop! And, yes, we did indeed stop at the store on the way home for a tub of vanilla ice cream. :)
If you can't go in person, go visit the Reagan Family Farm on Facebook.

I submitted this little painting to The Naked Artists June challenge.  Their words for this month were ethereal, red, waterasymmetrical, and three.   

  • I read that strawberries are 92% water, but let's be honest... It's the other 8% that we love most.
  • When I checked the definition of ethereal, I found the words "too perfect for this world... mmmm... :) If you'd have tasted these... mmmmmm...
  • Well, they are all technically asymmetrical, but I sure did try to choose the ones that were perfectly shaped.
  • At least strawberries are red; I don't have to stretch it for that one.
Original Oil Painting on 5"x 7" Wrapped Canvas

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  1. What a "sweet and tasty" post! I'd love to have been with you. The painting is stunning and I'm looking forward to the next images and comments. The photo of the strawberries is absolutely yummy too. Thanks for the share.