Friday, October 14, 2016

Red Cottage in Fall II

Every year our PTA asks each class to decorate a pumpkin for our Fall Festival.  They're raffled off for a fund raiser.  

This year we got a choice between a pumpkin or a canvas to decorate. 


I picked... a canvas! Yeah, I suppose the idea was that each kid might put a thumbprint and make it into a little pumpkin face, but I decided I'd go a different direction on the idea of canvases and pumpkins.

I hung the painting in the front of the classroom and asked my students to think about who might live there and what the pumpkins were for.  I told them we'd make a book to go with the painting for the auction. 

First they thought, imagined, and talked; then they wrote...  
Oh, I do have a wonderful job!  

Such creative hardworking little people I spend my days with!   

I hope our little project makes a few dollars for our school. 

I bet it will.

Original Oil Painting - 8"x 10"


  1. It's a wonderful painting and a great idea to make a book to go with the painting. You are a very good and creative teacher!!

    1. Oh, Thanks! It's always fun to see them excited about writing... for any reason!

  2. the pictures are great but I bet the stories are better. Lucky them as they have you and your imagination.

    1. Thanks, Nelvia. Their stories are pretty great. :)

  3. I was the lucky winner of such a special piece and now have a treasured book of my daughter and all her classmates' stories. Mrs. Eaton ROCKS!!!

    1. Yay! I love that you got it! I hope you find the perfect spot to hang it.