Monday, November 14, 2016

Relax... Create... Inspire...

 I got to spend this weekend as a guest at Welcome Home Retreat.

Let me give you a tour.
When you first arrive, you'll meet the neighbors.  They are the sweetest and calmest longhorn calves.  They're also quite interested in you.  They look right at you with faces that ask, "What are you doing?" or "Do you need something?" or "Will you be standing there long?"

Next you'll walk into the common area and be greeted by Sandy D. or Jackie.

When you step inside, you'll have to look in the serving area on your left first because Don will probably have just made something that smells delicious.
But then I want you to look to the right.  Look closely... Do you see it?  My "Steer's Looking at You, Kid" is on the mantle! Look closer... those same longhorn calves are right outside that window!  How fun is that!

If you prefer a different view, stroll on through to the other dining area. 
You'll be able to see the courtyard and pool.

 Even better, go on out to the red rocking chairs and sit and sit and sit... 

Once you've gotten the RELAX part underway and are ready to move on the the CREATE. you might need to stop a minute in the Mercantile in case you forgot any supplies. 

There are three craft rooms.  We worked in the Saloon, but the Hen House and the Corral looked fun too.

Some of Sheila's favorite artists' work hangs on the walls leading to the bedrooms. Yay!  I recognize those cows! And just look at that gorgeous quilt!  Sandy B. who designed pink one, and Jessica stitched all kinds of special things into the quilting. (She also designed each of the 27 quilts on the beds.) And the one at the back was done by our grandmother.

 You might stay in the Primrose Room.

Or the Yellow Rose of Texas Room.

Or the Bluebonnet Room.

I stayed in the Indian Paintbrush Room, and my door led right out to the courtyard... lovely...
Sorry, that's my unmade bed beside the door. 
I should feel ashamed about that.
There are three goals that Welcome Home Retreat will have for your stay.
1st - Relax.
2nd - Create.
3rd - Inspire someone.     I suppose it's not a rule to inspire someone else, but it just seems to come naturally after you've felt so inspired by the others there.

Sheila, Sandy, Jackie, Don,
Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing, creative, inspiring weekend!  I can't wait to return!


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