Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Strut

When I first saw his picture, I thought he was magnificent and asked my friend's permission to him.
Originally I'd imagined a portrait, a beautiful rooster filling the canvas with a kind of blurred out background. 
But, as I got started, I wanted my painting to tell the whole story.  The character, the rooster, really isn't the focus of this story.  It's about the setting... Her post said, "Quick weekend get away to do nothing but enjoy the beauty of Boxley and do nothing for a change."
So... it ALL became important... the trees, the rocks, the porch, the water tub, the peace pole, the fallen leaves, the foggy distance...
Don't you just want to be right there!?
Even with a stack of papers to grade on your lap, can't you just feel contentment and peacefulness of being in this place... and it's even better to know that a cocky rooster would be strutting around showing off for his hens!

Original Oil Painting -12"x 12" 


  1. This is a nifty piece and yes you do want to be right there. Pretty soon you will have the fire roaring while you are grading those stacks of paper.

    1. Thanks. Stacks of papers to grade is a lot like laundry... it never really ends... :)

  2. Seeing the mists over the hills with Loreena McKennitt singing in the background just now lifts me OFF the continent of North America and sets me softly down somewhere in the moors of Great Britain...ahh. That painting is (again) stunning, Helen. I first saw the rooster, whose white cloak demands notice, but then my eyes drifted to the left to the pail and then to the right to that TREE. I can feel the bark. I have a thing for may already know that. No lie, I thought at first glance this was a photograph. Incredible talent.

    1. Sandra, there's nothing a storyteller would rather hear than that her story (even if it's a story on canvas rather than through words) has moved the one enjoying it.
      Trees... I have to tell you that I also have a thing for trees. My very first painting was of a tree. That was almost 10 years ago. My art mentor and I are going to spend the weekend painting at Welcome Home Retreat to celebrate 10 years as a painter. She asked, "What do you want to paint together?" And, do you know what I said? Yep. "A tree."

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