Saturday, March 25, 2017

Door Beneath the Wisteria

Who do you think might live in the door beneath the wisteria?  Surely it's a fairy... a sprite... an elf... a gnome...a regular lady with green thumb?  I think she sings while she tends to her flowers and smiles when she greets the mornings.  I think she laughs when looks at her aqua door and is glad she chose aqua.  I think she is content. I think everyone who visits her feels welcomed and at home.

Although I had a photo or two that gave me the idea, I did much of this from my own imagination... not typical at all for me... but so fun!  And it came together quickly!  Instead of a drawing, I blocked it in and just started.
I loved, Loved, LOVED the process... but in the end it looked like... a door... there was no story...

As luck would have it, we'd planned to spend the night with Cheri, my art mentor and dear friend.  I got to paint with her every Monday night during my first five years as a painter.  It's such a treat whenever we get to paint together now.  I said, "It's just a door with some flowers... Can you help me turn it into a story?"  Well, I believe Cheri has a kind of fairy magic with paints. ☺  
She started with, "Hmmm.... well, what if we tried putting a little aqua in the corner of that door... "  About an hour and 10 "Hmmm... what if we..." ideas later... just like magic... It was a story!

I painted this to hang in the new Wisteria Room that will be opening soon at Welcome Home Retreat.  

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting.
Original oil painting on 12"x 16" Canvas


  1. So pretty. The frost killed most of the wisteria around here, but there's still some to enjoy.

    1. I guess I don't "know" wisteria very well. I've never grown it, but it is beautiful.

  2. I actally said "oh!!" out loud when I opened this post. It SPEAKS to me, and yes yes yes to all your details about the sprite who lives here; she DOES laugh (I heard her I swear, it's high and tinkly). Thank you for showing the before Cheri and after! Magical indeed.