Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What do you get someone who has everything he needs?

My sister and I each got my dad a hummingbird feeder for Father's Day this year. They were very simple and inexpensive... and the best few dollars we could have spent.
I'm sure there is a correct way to feed these little guys, but we mixed their food a little extra strong the first time - just to let them know where the new restaurant in the neighborhood was located. Within hours they were hovering around and sipping that syrupy nectar. Yes, they are elusive. No, they don't have names. But, they have become pets all the same.

This particular little bird grabbed my attention at the bus stop outside the airport in San Diego. He and his many brothers and sisters were the exact color and shape of the leaves growing on the wall. At first, they were completely camouflaged to me. But as soon as I spotted the first one, I realized they were everywhere! These little Dr. Suess-looking puff balls seemed to be their dinner tables.

Have a look at these artsy hummingbirds that I found on Etsy - very different, but I love both of them!
For a lovely little stained glass hummingbird to put in your window, click this link.
For a way cool (kind of funky) mosaic mirror with a hummingbird inspiration, click this link.

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