Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Time

What colors are supposed to be calming and relaxing?

I'm pretty sure, they're blues, greens, purples - the cool colors.  I thought the warm colors were supposed to do just the opposite.  Right?  Reds, oranges, and yellows are supposed to stimulate or cause excitement.
So why do I want to go into this scene and simply relax, be still, let the time pass without accomplishing any tasks?

This imaginary place was just too wonderful not to visit twice.  (You'll see another version of this scene if you scroll down just a few entries.)


  1. You have got a point there!
    May be the way mind perceives at the moment of viewing is stronger than the color vibrations and it may not depend on coolness or warmth of the colors.. well I do feel relaxed with this color composition, very nice Helen!

  2. Pumpkin Time creates a playful mood for me. It reminds me of childhood days when the leaves were turning and blowing on the ground and I couldn't wait to run and throw myself into the color. I especially enjoy looking at the pumpkins in your painting. You really did a great job painting them.

  3. Hi Helen. The gentleman from McLinky got back with me and he said he had a bug in his system and he thinks he fixed it. I deleted your barn photo from the closed linky and if you would be so kind to enter the direct URL post for the challenge that would be great. I noticed that when I click on the link for the blue eyed baby boy, I get transported to your barn painting...? So if you want to try and upload a new one of that I can delete the first one. Also, and this is only if it is convenient, I would love a reference, link or something to m challenge on your post. It just helps advertise it and makes it more fun.

    Thank you for participating with your colorful paintings!