Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cucumber Slices

How many cucumbers does one seed produce?

Every spring we plant a package of cucumber seeds.  It's a tiny little bag, and it seems wrong not to plant them all.  But, every year we end up with hundreds of cucumbers.

Those first ones are so good!  They're small and sweet and crunchy.  And, they have about zero calories each!  For a week or so it's a couple while picking them, one for snack, two for lunch, another for supper. Then repeat for a few days until... yuck.  But, by that time they're getting ripe by the buckets.  Time for pickles!  I wrote about that process on  the July 21st entry. It's "yum" all over again; however, I think the 35 pounds of cucumbers mixed with the 35 lbs of sugar changes the calorie content.

Finally, everyone's sick of them, the neighbor's have all had their fill of them, and they just grow big and fat and turn yellowish and taste bitter.  That's about the point where they become "snozzcumbers."  (Snozzcumbers are the nasty, 10-foot, striped, warty cucumber-like vegetable that are eaten by the Big Friendly Giant in The B.F.G.  by Roald Dahl.)

Ode to Cucumber is a great summer treasury honoring the cucumber.  Or, have a look at Art Salad then Gathering, Preserving, and Sharing the Bounty. Take your pick between one  Cool as a Cucumber or another  Cool as a Cucumber, Then click on Lettuce Eat Salad,  Nice Greeneryor Summer Garden Greens to enjoy Etsy treasuries (collections of vintage items and art pieces) that celebrate the color of summer. Or click on Fresh from the Farm or  Farm Fresh Country for collections that will put you back on the farm for a minute.

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