Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomato Slices

What's the perfect food?

Not a store tomato....
  Not a tomato in winter...
    Not a hydroponic one...
      Not a cold one...

A sun-warmed, home-grown tomato!  

My mom and dad know how to grow the perfect crop of tomatoes.  
1.) Decide (It's a gamble.) when you think the last frost has come and gone.  
2.) Buy some Early Girl, some Better Boy, and some Beefsteak plants at the Coop.  
3.) Cover the ground around the little plants with newspaper (to keep the weeds out later).  
4.) Put big cages around the little plants (because they'll grow huge and fill the cages) to keep them off the ground (where the tomatoes will rot).  
5.) Then, just keep them watered and wait for them to turn red (but not too red - I like them orangy-red)

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  1. I love this painting and the tomatoes great use of color...Daniel