Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Chapel

What's a good boost to an artist's confidence?

This  is the very first painting I ever sold.   When I first started taking art lessons (4 years ago), I was so excited and amazed that my humble attempts actually looked like what they were supposed to be!  I'd go to class every Monday night then take my (wet) painting to school Tuesday morning to show my friends.  "Look what I did now! Can you tell it's a tree?"
I'd painted a tree, a cup, a flower, an owl, a guitar, a child... Then a friend asked me how much I'd charge to paint the chapel where her daughter got married.... gasp!... really?... (Could that be a real, live commission?!)   I was nervous and so wanted her to be pleased... 
She was.
By the way, and if you're wondering... I made about $1.15 per hour on that job... Yikes!  Good thing I kept my teaching job!


  1. Nice painting! not bad at your first painting job! you did a great job! i like it!...Daniel

  2. its beautiful! no wonder the lady was pleased!