Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Under the Blanket

When do you use your artistic license?

I believe that it was in working on this painting that I discovered I had an artistic license, and I was allowed to use it!  Very freeing!

This sweet little baby had a right hand that was giving me fits!  There's no telling how long I spent trying to get those little fingers right.  Finally my teacher suggested using my artistic license to pull that blanket down a little further and cover them up.  What a thought! No one would ever know the difference, and I could sign my name and be finished.

FYI... this little one grew up to be my "A,B,C,D...E!" girl and the picture for the very first blog entry I ever did.

You can purchase a giclee of "A,B,C,D...E!" by clicking the title.

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