Friday, August 12, 2011

Country Mailbox

How do you use your artistic license? 

Sometimes we drive down dirt roads just to see what we can find... you never know when the most mundane thing is just perfect... like this mailbox!  My husband pulled over, and I hopped out to snap a few pictures when, "Um, Honey... you might want to explain to that guy..."  He'd come around the house with a pretty unfriendly look on his face.  "Hi! I'm an artist, and you have a fabulous mailbox!  I'd love to paint it!"  How quickly his demeanor changed!  He was ready to tell me the history of how long it had been there, who put it there... 
Just goes to show you how important it is to carry that artistic license with you!

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  1. I have a fascination with rural mailboxes and am actually planning a small series of them! This is a great find & you made a great painting of it. Your story is funny - how many times folks are unnerved by me & my camera, till I mention painting such and such. Then, yes, the story comes out and the frown becomes a smile! Enjoyed your post.

  2. Nan, It's been a while since you posted this. I'm wondering if you painted your series of mailboxes. I hope you did.