Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard

What was your first word?

For most babies it's "mama" and "dada."  For my daughter it was "quack!"  Who knows why!  She had a little yellow rubber duckie.  One day she held it and said a very deliberate "Quaaaaack!"  Then she never stopped talking.

My favorite part of this painting is the water.  I love the colors and the the movement.  My least favorite part is that the female seems to be standing on top of the water.  I wish I could get this painting back for a few minutes.  I'd fix that!  

I wonder if this pair has 8 little ducklings following along behind that just didn't make it onto the canvas.
Take the time to read Make Way for Ducklings!  What a great kids' book!

1 comment:

  1. The water is very cool, inviting and it reminds me of a place that we would take the time to sit on a log and stick our feet in the water and enjoy the wetness and refreshment. The ducks in this painting are beautifully done. I'm sure you will paint ducks again someday and have a chance to do exactly as you wish with them. It is wonderful to be an artist and recreate such beauty. Great post and great painting!