Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Why do the males get to be the pretty ones?

Oh, I know the scientific reasons... the male needs to impress the female, the female needs to blend in  with the nest.  Poor little plain mama birds...
I admit that I forgot that rule when I was painting this.  I made a huge mistake.  I took three reference photos of beautiful pheasants and backgrounds.  I mixed them up and came up with what I thought was a gorgeous autumn scene with a pair of pheasants.  Well, that's what I had alright, only both of my pheasants were male!  Noooo!!!! Ugh!! Yeah! Oh sigh...  Well, the great thing about oil paint is that it's never too late to change, add, and fix anything that's not right.  Thus began the transformation of the bird in flight... green head covered with brown,goldish yellow added to body, tail shortened by more tree and grass... soon... voila!... a female pheasant in flight!

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