Sunday, November 13, 2011


How often does something truly exceed your expectations?
When my kids were about 10 and 13, we took a vacation to the Northwest.  We visited Seattle, a termperate rain forest, Mount St. Helens, Mount Ranier, and Olympic National Park. Every place we went was absolutely wonderful.  But the biggest surprise of all was a place called Kalaloch.  We stayed in a cabin that overlooked the gray Pacific Ocean. From this gazebo we went down stairs that took us to the beach and driftwood below. I remember the my son chasing my daughter with a dead crab, them crawling over driftwood like an obstacle course, wearing jackets even though it was July, people circled around driftwood fires... It was completely peaceful.  We only had one day and night in this place, but my husband and I have promised that we will return someday.



  1. I have been to Kalaloch (and painted it too)and agree it is truly a beautiful place - but alas! it is often gray and overcast. Your painting shows it in one of its nicer days. Being from the PNW, I can recommend the beaches in Oregon which usually have much nicer weather and are as beautiful, if not more so. Come visit us sometime...

  2. We're determined to go back there again. We did see lots of the gray and overcast skies that you mentioned, but it was absolutely lovely... so different from anything near where I'm from.