Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moo Too

How do you feel about cows?

They look so peaceful and calming in photos, paintings, and from a distance.  Up close they kind of have an expression of curiosity, even annoyance for being bothered.  
A farmer might feel soothed by their slow movements, snuffles, and moos.  As a farmer's daughter, I do feel all of those things too, but I haven't been off the farm so long that I've forgotten the less serene side of cows.  Things like the fact that they mostly like to get out of the fence on Sunday morning or Christmas day.  They also smell bad and don't do a thing to help that situation.  They usually choose to have their calves in the deepest gully on the coldest morning.  

Oh, all that's true, but for some reason, I have to watch whenever I pass a field cows.  I do have a fondness for them.  
Just look at this darling little momma and calf! 

Click on "Moo Too" if you'd like to purchase the painting.

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