Friday, February 17, 2012


When did it "click?"

I started painting in February of 2007.  

First my teacher guided me through the painting of a Summer Tree.  (I loved it!) 
Then I tried the again, but this time it was an Autumn Tree. (I thought of myself as Monet!)
My next lesson was to paint a white cup. (It was the hardest thing ever and looked like a blob!)
That was followed by a White Daisy. (How were all those colors inside the white!)
My fifth and sixth paintings were of an owl that lives in my backyard. (They didn't turn out like I'd envisioned they would... Ok, they were awful... I haven't had the nerve to post them.)

Then it happened...
On my seventh painting, something clicked.  I put those colors and shapes on the canvas, blended them together, and stood back amazed.  Those colors and shapes looked like an iris!  
I'd made one petal appear to be behind the other.  I'd made another petal appear to be turning back.  I'd managed to create some depth!  

The other day, I wondered what ever happened to this painting.  My daughter said she'd taken it.  It hangs in her house now.  What an honor; I couldn't be more pleased.  


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