Sunday, October 21, 2012

Candy Corn

 Which holiday has the best candy?

  • Christmas has candy canes.
  • Easter has marshmallow peeps.
  • Valentine's Day has chocolate hearts.
  • Halloween has nearly everything.
  • And Thanksgiving, really the whole season of Autumn has... candy corn!  Yum!  (Do you think it can count as part of the daily required vegetable group since it is corn?)
I made a confession about my embarrassing habit when I get a heart-shaped box of  Valentine chocolates in the post of a painting called Love and Kisses Reflected. 
Now I have another's about candy corn, and I love candy corn... up til now only my family has known this... I only eat the orange and yellow parts and toss the white tip away, or even worse... I toss the white tip back in the bag!  
Why?  Well, my kids say it just because I'm weird that way.  Somehow I got the message when I was a little kid that the white tip is just pure sugar... Yeah... I know... so is the yellow and orange part...  Hmmm.... Maybe candy corn therapy is in order for me.


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