Saturday, October 27, 2012

:) Custom House Ornament

What goes on your Christmas tree?

We started a tradition when we were first married of buying one special Christmas ornament each year to represent our year.  We have:
First Christmas Together
Baby Girl's First Christmas
Baby Boy's First Christmas
A Disney ornament
A cruise ship ornament
One from Mount Rushmore
One from Yellowstone
Another from Yosemite
... and one for all of our 27 Christmases as a family.

But this year with our son's return from Tibet and my daughter's move to Maryland, we just didn't take a trip or vacation... We just enjoyed home... So, as the end of the year approached, we didn't have an ornament.
... Until now...
This fantastic little Custom House Ornament represents our year perfectly.  The artist, (who just happens to be the mother of my "Blow on It!" girl and my "Hello, Butterfly!" boy) used a photograph of our own house to create this tiny little work of art.  Visit her Etsy shop at Inspired Traditions and enjoy seeing her Jesse Tree ornaments, Easter Resurrection ornaments, or purchase your own little house ornament. 

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