Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal

How long does it take to get rusty?

I haven't been able to paint for a while; sometimes life just gets in the way. Once things slowed down, I found myself putting off getting back to it.  When I finally sat down in front of a canvas, it was hard... hard to get it right.

I suppose painting is no different than any other skill; you have to practice to stay in shape.

We have the most wonderful cardinals that splash their red color onto the dreary, wintry landscape behind our house.  They flit and play and watch closely for me to come around with my camera so that they can quickly fly away!  

One day I was determined to be still long enough to capture them in a few photos.  I really wanted to get the male and female together - preferably on a pretty branch posed perfectly, but this was a close as they would get to that.   

I'd originally thought it would be neat to paint them on a tall thin canvas like they actually were, but it looked odd.  Also I decided to use my license, my artistic license, to give a little more color and a little less twigs to their background.  

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  1. I've decided getting rusty is "fast". I've also been painting Cardinals and I think they are a little hard to do. The ones I've painted with snowy backgrounds seem to work better than those with other backgrounds. Wish we could paint them together:)