Saturday, March 30, 2013

We'll Just Have Salad

How important is the title?

I've gotten good advice from people who sell a lot of paintings about naming pieces.  I understand that the goal is to get your art seen.  I understand that when people go to Google they type in Cow Painting or whatever subject they're looking for.  I understand that my pieces would probably be seen more and sell more quickly if I'd give them titles to sell. 
Oh, but how I love to choose the just-right title!  Sometimes I know the title before I begin.  Sometimes I try out several throughout the process of painting.  Sometimes I get it about the time I sign my name in the bottom corner.  This time... nothing stuck... Two Cows... Black and Brown Cows... Flossy and Bossy... After I'd finished and was cleaning my brushes, my husband got his first look and said, "Wow!  I love it.  I love the grass hanging out of their mouths.  It's like they're out to lunch and you've bothered them. 'We'll just have the salad, thanks.'" And just like that "Two Cows" had a title that I loved!