Friday, November 15, 2013

Whimsical Santa

What's the lesson here?

Tip of the Day: Ya' gotta be brave with the gray if you want to appreciate the white....

I had another painting evening with my teacher friends.  As I was giving out paint dollops for the beard, one friend said, "I want the white, and I guess I'll take a tiny bit of gray, but I think I'll pass on the blue and brown." 
.... a while later... 
"Why does my beard and fur look so flat?" 

I never put my brush on another artist's canvas, but I asked permission, "Do you trust me? You're going to be shocked, but don't be mad."

I took a brush of gray and blue and made a big ole' swipe under his mustache and heard her gasp behind me.
"Now, turn around, walk back a few steps, and look again."
"Oh... my... goodness... It worked!"  

Yep, you have to have the drab to enjoy the bright...
... not sure whether that's a painting lesson or a life lesson.

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