Sunday, November 24, 2013

:) Winter - Painting with Words


Can you feel it?
Through scarf, hood, gloves, and coat,
Cold bites the skin, chills to the very bones.
Shiver… Huddle... Hurry...
Unwrap… Stand close to the flame… Sigh…

Can you smell it?
Gray and wispy, clinging in the air…
Not menacing, but comforting, cozy.
Rising from chimneys, then drifting down, fading...
To join the neighbor tending leaves.

Can you taste it?
Yellow candy corn replaced with red and white…
Peppermints, candy canes, chocolate kisses in holiday foil.
Tins of sage, promoted from the back…
The premier spice for the most special of meals.

Can you hear it?
No… It’s silent.  No chirping, tweeting, croaking…
Leaves rustle above, crunch underfoot.
“Silver Bells”... “Jingle Bells”... “Silent Night”
Same songs, many versions, over and over.

Can you see it?
Browns and grays, but for the rarest days of white.
The outside world is not dead, just asleep… resting.
But the inside sparkles, twinkles, shines.
Houses fill, hearts grow, faces glow.

Can you believe it?
Another season arrives.
Another year passes.
Endure it.

But also… embrace it.

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