Saturday, May 31, 2014

To Church We Go... Again

Can I have that back?

That's not a question I often ask after delivering a painting to its new owner... but I did this time.
I already wrote about how I came to do this painting on a blog post from April 5th. The Pop in this painting is my brother; we share a birthday, and I thought I'd make this a gift for him.  As it turned out, my niece (the mother of these two little ones) was visiting when I went to deliver the painting.  To make a long story short, I said I'd just whip up another one... Oh, if only it were that easy!  I always think it will be for some reason

Actually, it wasn't too hard, but although they were supposed to look exactly alike, I liked the second one sooooooooo much better.
So, I just asked for the first one back.
I wiped out the Nana's face and made it fuller which made her look happier.
I straightened her front leg which made her look thinner.
I thickened her back calf which made her stand straighter and look younger.
I added a vertical fold in the fabric of her blouse which made her seem to stand straighter.
Then I went to work on the Pop.
I added some to the top of his head which made his head not look so squished.
Then I went back to work on the second one after seeing what was better in the first.
I added some bright to the sun-side folds of his pants. 
I straightened the roof line of the church.
And I finished out the last tree.
Then I let Pop choose his favorite to take back home.
Which do you think he chose?

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  1. I especially like the second one. And I love having the changes explained between the two. It's like an advanced "can you spot the differences" puzzle.