Saturday, April 5, 2014

To Church We Go!

Do you ever paint your family?

All the time!  It's just that I have all these good looking brothers and sisters who've provided me with all these beautiful nieces and nephews who have given us all these adorable kiddos!  

The pop here just happens to be "Little Curt"... only a little older. :)
And the big brother was the star of "Mama's Kiss" a few years ago. :)

This is another example knowing I wanted to paint this from the first minute I saw it.  When my niece posted this picture, I immediately told her how much I loved it.  She told me the picture's story which was even better than I'd imagined.  They were on their way to Christmas Eve services.  My reaction?  "Oh, Katie!  I love that... but do you have to live in San Francisco!  Could we pretend you live in Wisconsin so there would be snow?  Maybe your church could be a little white wood building with a steeple on top? And, there could be twinkling lights in the trees?"  But, no... that's a different story.  I love this one just the way it is.

This is also another example of me getting myself in trouble by trying to change things.  There was originally a large space between them; the nana and the little one were actually quite a bit further behind the other two.  I knew I'd have to deal with the shadows, but I didn't think further.  By moving them closer together, it messed up the placement of where the trees fell. Although unexpected, that one wasn't too hard.  The big problem came after I realized that the two in front were smaller because they'd have been farther away.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch that little issue until after I was quite a ways into the painting... Anyway, after a little time of depression over it, I got back to it.  Some things are worth the trouble.

Although I've never seen this little church, I am so thankful for it.  It welcomed my own "little one" into its open arms when he moved to California last year. :)


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