Monday, June 23, 2014

:) My Garden - A Love / Hate Relationship

I LOVE our great big tree; it provides the perfect spot for my little red bench.

I HATE that it casts a shadow on the garden all morning.

I LOVE our seeing our beautiful deer.  They're welcome to enjoy our yard, our woods, and our pond.

I HATE that they don't understand that they are not welcome in the garden.  (Too bad for this poor little sunflower that decided to grow outside the cage.)

I LOVE Robert the one-eyed guard owl who I found on a "serendipity walk" through the woods near the lake where my family has an annual family reunion.

I HATE that he doesn't scare the squirrels or the birds or Pounce the cat who loves to roll in the soil, squash little sprouts, and chew on bigger plants.

I LOVE my marigolds that line the perimeter just like I remember from my Grandma Tallent's house.  Their (stinky) smell is supposed to keep out the bugs and bad creepy little things.

I HATE (That's not true... I LOVE)  my aluminum hanging pie tins that my husband says add a redneck flare to the garden... maybe that's why I like 'em!

I LOVE that my cucumbers are climbing.

I HATE finding a big, fat snozzcumber that hides under a leaf until it goes way past ripe.  (I hope this use of vertical space cures that problem.  I should be able to see them all since there's no place to hide.)

I WISH the cantaloupe would take a vertical lesson from the cucumbers...

I LOVE that jalapenos are so prolific and make me feel so successful and that my cage-fence idea kept the okra safe from the deer this year.

I HATE how cutting jalapenos leaves my fingertips burning unless I wear a glove.  And, I hate the snotty slime that comes with cutting up okra.

I LOVE that I have several different kinds of tomatoes and they all look a little different.

I HATE... nothing... I love everything about my tomatoes.

I LOVE my little herb garden.

I HATE that I don't really know how to cook with fresh herbs...

I LOVE that I have a garden.
I LOVE that I'm a farm girl at heart.

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