Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teaching Little Fingers to Play

Do you remember this book?

If you're from my generation and you took any piano lessons at all, Teaching Little Fingers to Play by John Thompson is in your piano bench.  It starts with songs of two or three notes then goes all the way to "Wigwam" at the end with a chord! Finally there's a certificate at the back... only, unless you were the oldest child in your family, someone else already filled that out with his or her name and tore it out.
I was the fifth child, so all my John Thompson books were pretty worn except this one.  For some reason, our Teaching Little Fingers to Play was worn out, so I got a brand new one.

I kept thinking of this book as I was working on this painting.
If you've ready many of my posts, you know that I love to paint images that tell a story.
This one tells a very special one.

Aren't these sweet fingers?  

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