Saturday, July 19, 2014

:) My Art Space

I recently discovered an amazing artist named Lisa of Lachri Fine Art. I have learned so much by watching her videos and have been mesmerized by watching her work.
Last week she put out a call for her viewers to show their art spaces.  I LOVE my little art space, so... I did it!  I sent in a photo of my space.

Let me give you a little tour... from left to right... here we go...
  • The Medusa (snatched from my son's room when he left for college) lamp lets me put light where I need it.
  • Taped to its stand is whatever I’ve drawn up and am working on.
  • The brown drawers hold my paints (I have a lot...  I get a kick out of finding them in lots at estate sales or on ebay...)   
    • Top drawer – neutrals, blacks, whites, grays, metallics,
    •  Next one down, earth tones, 
    • On down – blues & purples,
    •  And down – greens, 
    • Down – yellows, 
    • And – Reds,
    • Bottom two – tools like pliers, scissors, etc. and wipe clothes
  • Under those brown drawers are some old newspapers.
  • On top of those brown drawers are other essentials
    • Wet wipes,
    • A pack of gum,
    • The dinosaur headed cat squirter... ‘cause sometimes the cat just needs a reminder,
    • And my Atelier sign.
  • Behind the white drawers are some large canvases waiting their turn.
  • On the wall is the bag I bought at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a few paintings waiting until some one claims them for a permanent home.
  • The white drawers
    • Top drawer – small brushes, 
    • Next drawer – large brushes, 
    • On down – Liquin, mineral spirits, etc.
    • And the bottom, scraps of cloth and old socks.
  • A trash can
  • There’s a foot stool you can’t see, but it makes sitting comfortable for a short person like me!
  • The easel shows what I’m working on now.
  • My computer has its share of paint splatters... all... over... it... but shows me my reference photo and plays my favorite country music on Pandora.
  • My purple chair which is brand new, and it's changed my life! It swivels, and raises, and lowers, and turns, and rolls!  Love it!
  • And finally comes my tv tray where I put my paint palettes.
  • Last, but not least, my Sonic coke... essential...
I love my little space...

My Atelier - noun. \a-təl-ˈyā\  [from Old French] 1. an artist’s workshop 2. an art studio 3. a space for creativity to flourish

 By the way...
The way I got my husband to remember how to pronounce Atelier... I use my best Redneck Southern accent and say “I tell ya’!” and it comes out pretty close to the French pronunciation. (Although don’t tell anyone who’s actually French.  They might not agree.)

Thanks again to Lisa from for giving me the idea to take a good look at my space.

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog. I have had a whole pot of coffee and a lot of smiles this morning just enjoying a visit with you. Your "Atelier" corner is a wonderful place to work.