Sunday, December 28, 2014

! ! ! Giveaway ! ! ! #1

I haven't been painting at all during this Christmas break. Why?  

  • Well, first because my kids were home, and we just did a lot of sitting beside the fireplace and poking the logs. 
  • And, second because I've been glued to my computer reading my new favorite blog... reading every entry from the beginning.  It's called A Joyful Chaos, and it's an absolute delight!  
    • I feel like I'm getting to know a new friend and catching up on her whole life...
    • It's like reading an Amish version of Laura Ingalls' Little House series... 
    • It makes me think about my own shelf of journals and all the little snips of life I've recorded over the years.
    • It reminds me of the truth... "everyone has a story to tell..."

Anyway, I've decided to borrow an idea from her and have a giveaway.

I have these cute little note cards made to give as a thank you gifts to send with any painting that is purchased.  I sometimes have extras made.  
Would you like to have a few?

For your chance to win all you have to do is leave a comment describing a favorite painting, print, photo, or poster you have on a wall in your home or in your memory.

Sharing this post on your Facebook or blog then letting me know you did will earn you a second entry. :)

I will be choosing the winner on Saturday, January 3. 
I look forward to your comments.  (Maybe I'll get some new ideas for what to paint next!!) 

**I picked these cards for this giveaway because A Joyful Chaos makes me think of simple pleasures... a  beloved Raggedy Ann doll... a stack of journals filled with memories... an old barn in winter... :)


  1. You know which painting I would pick as my favorite. ;)

  2. I only have one picture on the wall -- saving room for book shelves. It is warm with subdued colors. It pictures a covered bridge leading to a church with a big old farmhouse in the background. A co-worker gave it to me.

  3. P.S. Thank you for the link to the delightful blog! I am laughing and crying together as I read some of the first entries.

  4. Nita, if you're like me... you've done little else but read it since you started it!
    I'm glad you like it too.

  5. My favorite pictures on the wall are those of my 4 children as babies. I have I love looking at their sweet baby faces! One of my favorite paintings is one of a barn that my sister painted. It reminds me of a barn that was on my grandparents farm in Oklahoma. I loved visiting them at the farm. The other painting I have is that of a butterfly that you painted a few years ago. You let me "borrow" it for awhile, but so far you haven't asked for it back. It reminds me of you every time I look at it. We have weathered many storms my treasured friend! Thanks for lunch today and for listening! Tina