Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eenie Meenie Tippa Teenie

Well, Southern Gal, Nita, & Anonymous (although I know who you are. :) I think your odds are pretty good!
Here we go with my favorite selection poem!!!

Eenie Meenie
Tippa Teenie
Oooh La
Bippa Deenie
Oochie Coochie
Comma Goochie
Out... Pops... YOU!

And the winner is... Anonymous a.k.a Tina, you silly one. Love you!
Renee, I always look forward to seeing what you and yours are up to when I see one of your posts pop up in my feed!
Nita, Your knitting work and felting work for your patterns is beautiful and your poetry is lovely. I'm so glad you're also enjoying the Joyous Chaos Blog. I read every single post from beginning to end... and didn't paint a stroke during those days!
...I finished a painting tonight! ... kind of a self-portrait... hmmm... look for it tomorrow!

Maybe I'll do a giveaway again one of these days.


1 comment:

  1. Here's how I learned it:
    Eenie meenie
    Tippa teenie
    Ah la Boom de leenie
    Ochee Bochee
    Double Ochee
    Out goes Y-O-U.