Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dogwood Blossoms

Do you love what you see outside your home?
I hope so. 

My blog friend Renee posted a photo of some dogwood blossoms a while back... gorgeous!  Right away I knew wanted to put some on canvas.

When our house was being built, the builder asked if we wanted to keep the scraggly tree beside the deck. He said, "It kinda got banged up.  Don't know if it'll last more'n a year or so."  We kept it.  And we were delighted the next spring (and every spring since) when we discovered it was a dogwood.  
If you look closely you'll see the white blossoms hanging down behind my herbs... my herbs that I'm having fun growing, but am just learning how/what to cook with them...
Here are a few other favorite springtime things I love to see  (and smell) around my house... 
Purple Irises... Yellow Irises... Honey Suckle Vines... My Vegetable Garden... Marigolds...

My pitiful one-eyed trusty brave owl guards the garden.

(It's my 300th painting by the way!)


  1. Beautiful as always, Helen! Yellow jessamine is my favorite springtime blossom. It's our state flower and grows all over the woods in our backyard. My Gerbera daisy would be next. Irises take me back to elementary school. My mama used to let us pick one to take to our teachers. I can still smell them.

    1. Love the daisies!
      Love my irises!
      Love all flowers that take care of themselves.

  2. Gladys, Gabby and Percy in the banner! Gabby and Gladys have new kids now. ;)

  3. The flowers are beautiful. So is your painting. So is the owl (Love him/her!). And so, of course, are you!

  4. Tulika, you say the sweetest things. Thank you. And, yeah, the owl is pretty awful... I mean... fantastic! I call him Al the Owl.