Sunday, May 24, 2015

:) Joni

Meet our newest family member..

Andrew's girl... JONI (Joni Mitchell Eaton)
Not sure who is happier... :)

Love at first sight...

He claims she understands everything he says. :)

Aunt Olivia is not impressed.


  1. Pretty pup. My 14th birthday present was a brown full-sized dachshund! Lady Tiffany lived to be 11 years old and died of cancer. She was my best bud. Aunt Olivia will get used to Joni. Right?

    1. Are you kidding!!! My childhood dog was a full-sized brown dachshund!! Noodles thought of himself as a cattle dog for his whole long (pun) life!
      Andrew is buying his first house on Thursday, so he (and Joni) are staying with us til then. Olivia is... less than thrilled... :(