Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pink Gerbera Daisies

Usually whenever someone finds out that I'm a painter, they say, "Oh, what do you paint?" 
I never seem to come up with a quick and simple answer.
"I paint what I like," is the truth, but seems kind of self centered and doesn't really answer.
"I can paint whatever anyone wants me to," is the truth, but seems kind of arrogant and doesn't really answer.
"I love to paint images that tell stories," is the best truth, but doesn't really answer and has to be followed by an explanation.

So, how do I choose what goes on my easel...
When I have a commission, that takes priority.
Otherwise, I think I have a kind of built in, subconscious rotation.
I paint something challenging or stressful - like a portrait or a complex scene.
Then something easy and fast - like a flower or fruit.
Then something comfortable - like a cow.
Then I'm ready to go back to challenging.

So, where do I get my images...
Sometimes I'm given an image through a commission, and often I do get to help select the just-right photo.
I also have a file of photos on my computer called "Possibilities." 
Sometimes I see something fabulous, pull over, and take photos - like interesting cows, a sunset, or a  breathtaking view.
Sometimes I create still life set ups - like fruit, vegetables, or flowers. 
Sometimes I see someone else's photo on Facebook or their blog and am overwhelmed by it as if it's begging to be put on canvas. (I know that sounds arsty.)  I can't get past it.  Then I ask whatever friend or relative (or occasionally stranger)who was the photographer for permission to use it.  

That's how these sweet little gerbera daisies came about.  I saw them on my friend Renee's blog post and just couldn't get past them. I could just imagine them on canvas. You see, Renee's my friend now, but we met by my randomly discovering her blog then one day my comment to her, "You don't know me, but I would love to paint your goats..."  Well, I hope I was a little more eloquent than that, but... she did let me... and we became friends.... I've been thinking of her this week as the rains continue to flood South Carolina where she lives. 

This little painting was included in a lovely Etsy treasury (collection of related vintage items and art pieces). Click Shopping in January to have a look!

Click here if you'd like to hang these "Pink Gerbera Daisies" on your own wall.

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