Sunday, January 10, 2016

Barn up the Road

This is the type of image that stops me.
Imagine the stories that could begin here!!!
..."Papa stopped the wagon so we could have one last look..."
..."She knew he'd be waiting inside after he finished the chores..."
..."Grandpa told her he thought she was old enough to drive the tractor to the barn..."
My imagination goes on and on... It's a perfect setting.

So, how did I come across this fantastic setting?
There's a little button at the top of blogger that says "New Blog."  Every once in a while I click it.  You never know what kind of blog will pop up.  Usually I spend a minute or two then move on, but every once in a while there's one that holds my attention.  And, that is how I came upon this image.
It came from a photography blog called Pics of the Day, and StuffClick and go have a look.  You'll find captivating photographs of simple elegance.
When I came to the post titled New Outhouse, Same Old Barn, it stopped me... my imagination took over.
Thank you, Tom, for capturing this fabulous barn on film and allowing me to put it on canvas. 

Original Oil Painting - 10"x 20"
Click "Barn up the Road" if you'd like to purchase this painting... although... I secretly hope I get to enjoy it on my own wall for a while. :)

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  1. I enjoy clicking the "Next Blog" button too, you never know what you'll get to see! Barn up the road is a beautiful rendition of that photo, I love how you made it more colorful. :)