Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mitten the Cow

She wanted to have her picture taken!

My husband and I went on a cow-hunting drive on New Year's Day. That means we picked a direction and drove until we found some cows willing to be still and look at me while I took their pictures.  Half the time they run away, but the other half the time they are curious enough to stare for a while.

This little gal was determined.  I have to be honest... I tried to avoid her.  She had this big mitten splotch right in the middle of her face... so...
So... I aimed my camera at other cows. However, this sweet little gal was focused on me and curious no matter what I did.  She grew on me.

As I was looking through all the downloaded photos, she was the star again and again and again.  
And... I was wrong... She is lovely... Her face is perfect for the canvas.  
I love her big mitten splotch.

Original Oil Painting - 16"x 16"

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