Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to that fine line (or is it a fuzzy one) between beautiful and tacky!            ... ha ha ha ha!      
We went to the Tulsa Zoo during spring break.  We were the couple there that day without a stroller... At least I'm pretty sure we were the only ones not pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon.

We enjoyed strolling along and enjoying the gorgeous day. But when we got to the flamingos, I was mesmerized!  They were a fabulous orange, not pink! It was so odd to watch them sit down by bending their knees backwards! And their necks... oh my goodness!  Their necks were like snakes! 

I took lots of pictures and imagine I'll paint another or two.

Original Oil Painting - 12" x 24"


  1. Awesome painting. Love flamingos. Looks great!

  2. It remind me flamingo from Alice in Wonderland. Magic creature!

    1. Ha ha! Didn't they turn the flamingos upside down and use them as croquet mallets in Alice in Wonderland!

    2. It's their magic skill )))

  3. Beautiful painting! Gorgeous colors and love the background as well!!!

  4. Thank you! He was fun, and I think I'll paint a couple more.