Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Purple Iris

May = a bed of irises :)

May = a busy, busy month for teachers :)

May = not much time or energy for painting. :(

May = the countdown... 8... days... left... :)

May = decisions... heat? or air? :)

May = a garden filled with baby plants and hope :)

This is the peacefulness that I get to come home to....

I love BOTH sides of my May!

Original Oil Painting - 6"x 12"
Just click "A Purple Iris" if you'd like to purchase this little painting.


  1. Yep, May is the month of craziness, it goes hand-in-hand with September as far as being busy! :)Good things Nature is there to make it pretty awesome with flowers and animals. :)

  2. These flowers are SO beautiful !!!!! One thing I would love to paint is flowers but was never able The colors are so vibrant.....excellent work!!!

    1. Thanks! Funny you should say that... When I was taking painting lessons, my teacher was (is) a master of painting floral still life arrangements. I tried, but getting one flower to turn out is usually about all I can manage. :)

  3. Irises are my favorite this is such a lovely painting.

    1. Irises have always been a part of my life in every yard I've ever had. I love them too. Thanks!