Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Longhorns in Bluebonnets


These lady longhorns are going to hang in a very special place.
Welcome Home Retreat is a unique place in Weatherford, Texas for women to come together for weekends of creativity and fellowship. It's mission is to provide an environment of beauty that inspires creativity.

But if that's not special enough... The owner of this fabulous place is my very own sister!!!   Her specialty is scrapbooking where families' memories are captured for future generations. Sheila's dream to have a venue to encourage and observe guests as projects are begun, continued, and completed is becoming a reality.
She wants Welcome Home Retreat to have a "Texas feel with a feminine twist."  So... how about a painting of longhorns walking through bluebonnets!!!  

Click to visit the site of Welcome Home Retreat!  Book a weekend!!  Maybe I'll see you there!

Original Oil Painting - 16" x 20" 


  1. Beautifully painted. I love the blue bonnets! I saw so many when I visited Texas!!!

    1. Thank you! Although I've been to and through Texas many times, I don't think I've ever seen them all in bloom. The pictures show that it's beautiful when they are.

  2. Sounds like a unique place and hope it develops as she wishes. Ladies with horns, hmmmmmm. Like a lot how the blues pop off the orangish Browns, nice color selections. Kudos

    1. Yes! I hope Welcome Home Retreat becomes a busy place! I'm not a Texan an I learned a lot about longhorns through this. Not only do the "ladies" have horns, the little calves do too!!e Thanks for you kind words.