Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Atelier ... a.k.a. The Fonzie Room

Although my blog doesn't appear to show it, I HAVE been painting!  I've been working on a really, really big project. No... not on canvas, even bigger!
My art space has gone though a transformation,and I love it!  It's brighter, lighter, and whiter! The ceiling fan lights and lamps are gone.  The green walls are gone.  My brother installed fabulous new lighting, and I painted the whole thing a crisp white.  Did I already say how much I love it!

I love seeing artists' creative spaces.  So, I'll share my (new and improved) one.

This is my spot. Let me give you a tour.

  • Paint palettes on Styrofoam  plates because I never graduated to a fancy palette.
  • Foot stool because I'm short.
  • Computer that's got paint splatters all over it because I use it for reference photos. 
  • Easel with what I'm working on. 
  • Trash can because I'm a pretty tidy painter
  • Drawers with brushes because I tend to accumulate so many.
  • Wet wipes and dinosaur-head cat squirter because she sometimes needs a reminder.
  • Drawers for my paints and supplies because I'm pretty organized with them.
  • Basket of rags because painting is messy.
  • Cards and special things on the wall because they make me smile.
Here's the view from the other side.
  • A wind chime hangs above where I sit.  I like to make it sound when I finish a painting, or am frustrated with a painting, or just want to jingle it.
  • My sewing machine.
  • My serger.
  • Special things on the wall that hold memories.
  • My Cricut (which I LOVE and am just learning to use).
  • Boxes of all my hoarded crafty junk very useful artsy/sewing supplies.
  • Painting shirts on the back of the door.
  • The window where you might look out and see a deer.
  • Paintings that are waiting to be purchased to their forever home. 
  • My big easel for large canvases.
  • Three stations where my friends paint on Tuesdays during the school year.

And here's the other end.
  • Where Ron hangs out while I paint.
  • Some special toys and books from childhood.
  • The other wall where I hang paintings waiting until they're sold.
  • The elliptical that we use often, but should use more.
  • The other window where, again, you might see a deer.
  • A shelf with more memories and more useless stuff crafting/sewing materials.
  • The television.
  • And finally the shelves filled with... well more junk that I just might need for that next project.
My creative space is called The Fonzie Room.  If you're from my generation, you remember the show Happy Days... Fonzie lived in the room above the Cunningham's garage.  That was what we called this room while the kids were growing up and teenagers using it for all their kid shenanigans. 
After they moved out and we shoveled out their junk reclaimed that space for ourselves, I tried... I really, really tried to change the name. I called it The Atelier. I even made a little sign and hung it beside the door.  (It's french, but if you can't remember how to pronounce it, you an just say in your best Southern redneck "I tell ya'" and that's almost right. Anyway... it didn't stick... I gave up.  It's The Fonzie Room, and I love it.


  1. I can't believe this, you must be channeling to me because I too am reworking my studio, not quite as big a makeover, but definitely trying to make it easier and more productive.
    What a gorgeous and well thought out space. Once that really invites you to want to be there. I too like to see what people do and have so will show some before and afters from this end to.
    Are you sure you aren't a sister of my heart?

    1. Nelvia, it is fun to discover a kindred spirit! Yes! Show your art space. I'd love to see it!

  2. I hope you don't mind, me again, but I directed people to come see your lovely space, art and blog on my studio post. Hope you get a few people who wander over to appreciate them.

    1. I love it! I think it would be fun if lots of people would show their art spaces... Hmmmmm... That might be a fun kind of "challenge"... People submitting a photo or two of the place where they create... Let's think about that... :)