Saturday, January 7, 2017

Daffodils in a Vase

I'm going to call this my Snow Day project. 

Yeah, we had a snow day. I know my friends in the North make fun of us for letting school out when there's an inch of white (almost) covering the ground.  I do know that I wouldn't want to drive a bus filled with kids on icy roads, but come to think of it... I wouldn't want to drive a school bus... period...

I wonder how I'll feel next year when the schools have a snow day and it won't affect me... Hmmm... 

Thanks to Lela at Paint and Draw Together for choosing such a lovely image for her Challenge #65 - Narcissus in a Vase.  I love seeing all the pieces done by different artists.  All exactly the same, yet each completely different.

As soon as I saw this one, I knew I wanted to paint it. I love daffodils, and spring is such a loooooooong time away!  

Because I'm never sure, I Googled the difference between narcissus and daffodil and jonquil. They seem kind of interchangeable so I'm not sure it's worth remembering, but here's what I learned.  Both of them fit in the genus of narcissus.  The jonquils have tube-like leaves, while the daffodils have flat leaves.  Also, jonquils have several in a bunch rather than one on a stem.

Original Oil Painting - 11"x 14
Click "Daffodils in a Vase" to purchase this painting.


  1. I have to,check out the Feb challenge for PADT. I really like how you did the background and the colors. Also the bottom of the vase is pretty neat. You got snow, we have 70s and our daffodils are coming up, trees are shooting out leaves and birds are getting spunky. We are all going to get a big shock I am sure

  2. I recently Googled jonquils and daffodils, too. My husband's grandmother called them "Johnny Quills!"