Sunday, January 22, 2017

:) Good bye Red Beetle & Self Portraits

I've never painted a real self portrait, but I've done a couple of pseudo-self portraits that I've loved.

One is what I use for my little Word Weaver Icon.

You can read about how this one came about in a post from a post in  July of 2013 called "Sisters."

This happy little drawing pretty much still sums me up.  I'm wearing my favorite color, green.  I've got a smile.  My hair is an ever silvering brown, which I think is just fine... thank you very much!  And, I'm wearing my dangly, squigly power earrings.  (You can read about those earrings in a post called "We'll Just have Salad.")

This is me with my sisters... The five of us went on a sister cruise,
and we each had a canvas beach bag with this painted on them.
Ha ha ha... It just occurred to me that maybe I've done a third.  When I painted "Welcome Home Retreat," I mentioned that each cow had the personality of one of us sisters.

The other pseudo-self portrait was a fuzzed out version of me in my beloved red bug.  

I loved that little bug!  It was a part of me... who I was... the girl with the red bug.  I got it after both of my kids had cars of their own.  So, I never had to share it.  (Actually, when my son was 18, he once described it this way. "Whenever you come out of a store, just look for the most embarrassing car in the parking lot.  That's my mom's car.) I tootled around in that little car for 9 years, and it was still basically in perfect condition.
... I have to sigh a little bit... 

So many changes in my life these days... (one of which is that huge change of retirement in... 85 more school days... 😜😜😜...)                                                                                                             It's just silly how choked up I got at watching my little red bug with the daisies in the vase drive away.
But... ah ha... there's a shiny new GREEN bug in the driveway now!


  1. Love this post, a fantastic slice 'o life, thanks for sharing! The car is beeeee-oooo-tiful, not embarrassing at all, lol!! (Side note, my dear mom and her two sisters each have a "three sisters" pin that they wear to every family occasion, gotta love it!

    1. Thanks, Diane. I've seen those little "sisters" pins. I may need to check into getting one. That would be a good gift for each of us.

  2. Got to,change it up and just think of all the stores and memories you ar got g to create by "going green". I am pretty sure that when you get to the next chapter you will be please and wonder he yiu ever had time for work. Yiu looking at the seed catalogs yet? I am checking those tomatoes

  3. Well, now I know where your profile picture came from. I only have one sister. You are blessed!