Saturday, July 13, 2013

:) Sisters

Hi, My name is Helen. 

I paint what you see in Word Weaver Art’s blog.

I’ve heard that at some point every artist should paint a self-portrait, so here’s mine.  This is me.  It’s pretty accurate.  I’m short, I have brown hair that’s turning gray, and I’m embracing that! I hope to always have a smile on my face.  And, finally, I’ve got on silver dangly earrings.  Last year when I bought a pair of squiggly silver earrings made by my friend Tana, I said, “These are not who am, but they are who I want to be.”  
Now I think they ARE who I am!

These are my sisters:

Sheila’s my oldest sister.  She’s the family historian through her scrapbooks. She’s dressed in her favorite color purple, and like her dress, she’s pretty organized, but she's a little squiggly!

Marcia is married to my oldest brother.  She’s a family musician who sings and plays piano and flute.  She’s dressed in her favorite color blue, and like her dress, she’s kind of polka-dotted! (She makes everyone feel special!)

Karen's my middle sister.  She’s a family entertainer who can put a party together and cook just the right thing.  She’s dressed in a bright orange, and like her dress, she’s all-the-way squiggly! 

Karen Lynne is married to my middle brother.  She’s another family musician who sings and plays piano.  She’s dressed in a red color that looks great on her, and like her dress, she’s striped.  (She likes lists and organization like me!)

Then there’s me at the end.  I'm dressed in my favorite color green, and like my dress, I'm solid. (What you see is what you get!)

And, next week we're doing something we've never done before... a week together... just the five of us!

Caribbean, here we come!  

If you're in my town, go visit Tana for a pair of your own silver dangly earrings!


  1. Have a great time! This is a very sweet post.

  2. This makes me smile and smile. I love your sisters post and I hope you have a magnificent time of fun, laughter and "girly" things:)